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Bury Glass Repairs

uPVC glass window reinforced frame

Bury glass and glazing
repairs and replacements

Lancashire glaziers replacing glass in uPVC and timber frames.

Bolton Glass Fix now cover the Bury area in Greater Manchester to fix broken windows, doors, damaged specialist glazing and offer boarding up service for both residential and commercial clients.

New uPVC double glazing windows and doors with quality reinforced profiles and low emissivity glass can be installed at competitive prices.

Bury Emergency Services

  • Bury Boarding Up
  • Sameday Replacement
  • Repairing Locks
  • Our 24 hour emergency boarding up service in Bury is available to homeowners and businesses to secure their properties. Broken glass and damaged shop fronts can be safely covered with our 11-22mm thick OSB boards. They are ideal due to their toughness and weather resistance properties.
  • Cut to size OSB boards are prepared onsite and can be done even when there is no electrical supply available with our wireless saw. Convenient where properties have suffered extensively from an arson attack or from other disaster in Greater Manchester.
  • Securing with anti-tamper security screws can be arranged where there is a consistent issue with break-ins or vandalism. With this level of added protection you can be reassured that screws are not easily removed or tampered with. Please ask if you require these specialist screws when boarding up.
  • Glass windows in Bury are easily replaced the sameday where you order before 11.30pm and require a standard clear hermetically sealed double glazing unit.
  • If the broken window contains a toughened or laminated glazing, then it is advised to board up temporarily in an emergency as those type of glassware will take several days for our glaziers to manufacture to size.
  • uPVC door or window lock will need repairing or replacing if it is damaged or broken. For minor issues with faulty door locks, it is possible to simply exchange the barrel or Euro cyclinder lock. Window locks are more complicated and often come in single one pieces, therefore will take a bit longer to repair.
  • Major uPVC lock problems will likely to need a lock replacement and the keep mechanism to be changed. Sometimes, the window hinges may also need replacing if the window is causing the frame to jam, get stuck or hinder proper operation.
  • Emergency lock service in Greater Manchester is available where the key is snapped off in the lock or the lock is unable to function no matter how the key is turned. Whether the double glazed multipoint lock or a sash window lock is affected, give us a call and our qualified staff will help you.
Remove condensation inside glass panes

Misty Windows

Condensation inside glass unit?
Replace failed double glazed units where your glass has misted, steamed up or the hermetic seal has failed. We can measure the glass for you in Bury.
Replacing door and window handles in Bury

Handle Replacements

Door operating equipment fixed
Not just doors, but we also repair window handles. If a replacement is necessary, we can supply you with chrome, white or gold handles with new keys.
Laminated bi-fold glass door

Laminated Glazing

Get an acoustic layer benefit
A specially treated high security glass that is constructed with layers of glass with a PVB layer added to give the laminate its toughness property for our Bury clients.
Acoustic glass with PVB layer

Acoustic Glazing

Reduce the high noise levels
Sick of the noisy environment outside? Take advantage of our acoustic windows with a special PVB layer to create a much quieter home in Bury.
Low emissivity double glazing

Low Emissivity

Energy efficiency in mind
Microscopically thin coating applied to the glazing to reflect heat and to minimise the 90% heat loss that occurs through normal glass windows.
Safety toughened glass in Bury

Toughened Glass

Strong and superior safety glass
Also known as tempered glass, it is up to 5 times stronger than standard glazing and through a special process can be used to create fire safety glass.